The VNX series next-gen storage platform is powered by the Intel

Quad Core Xeon 5600 series with

a 6-Gb/s SAS drive back-end and delivers obvious performance improvements over the previous generation mid-tier storage:


• Run Microsoft SQL and Oracle

   300 percent faster


• Enable 2X system performance

   in less than two minutes—non



• Run data warehouses 300

   percent faster

EMC VNX 5600

Go Anywhere with EMC VNX Unified Hybrid

Flash Arrays from Corporate Armor

With EMC VNX5600 data storage, you have the speed and efficiency you need for mixed workloads. Powerful multicore optimization with MCx gives you performance that scales.


And you’re ready to roll out a FLASH 1st strategy. Configure this unified storage system with FAST Cache and flash storage for the highest performance and the lowest latency. Automate storage tiering with FAST VP to help drive down the cost per gigabyte.


These EMC VNX systems maximize efficiency with block- and file-level compression and deduplication. It’s easier to do much more with much less data storage capacity.


Key features:

• Provides unified block, file, and object support


• Delivers scalable performance with MCx multicore



• Expands to 2 PB max raw capacity


• Enables easy storage provisioning for virtual

   machines: VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V


• Pairs with FAST Suite to optimize performance

   and cost


• Simplifies administration with EMC Unisphere

   Management Suite


• Secures information with optional Data-at-Rest

   Encryption (D@RE)


• Protects data with optional local, remote, and

   application protection solutions

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EMC VNX Series: Unified SAN, Hybrid or All-Flash Storage


The EMC® VNX™ family delivers industry-leading innovation and enterprise capabilities for file, block, and object storage in a scalable, easy-to-use solution. This next-gen storage platform combines powerful and flexible hardware with advanced efficiency, protection, and management software for the demands

of today’s enterprises.


All this in choices ranging from affordable entry-level solutions to high-performance, petabyte-capacity configurations servicing the most demanding application requirements. The VNX family includes the VNXe series, purpose-built for the IT manager in smaller environments, and the VNX series, designed to meet the high-performance, high-scalability requirements of midsize and large enterprises.

A robust platform for consolidation of legacy block storage, file servers, and direct-attached application storage, the VNX series enables organizations to dynamically grow, share, and cost-effectively manage multi-protocol file systems and multi-protocol block storage access. The VNX operating environment enables Microsoft Windows® and Linux/UNIX clients to share files in multi-protocol (NFS and CIFS) environments. At the same time, it supports iSCSI, Fibre Channel, and FCoE access for high-bandwidth and latency-sensitive block applications. The combination of EMC Atmos™ Virtual Edition software and VNX storage supports object-based storage and enables customers to manage web applications from EMC Unisphere.


EMC Unisphere makes it easy to manage VNX systems from anywhere with a simple, integrated user interface for distributed storage environments. The Unisphere dashboard is a single screen for at-a-glance management and reporting, enabling administrators to gain instant and actionable knowledge about what’s occurring across the entire environment. Unisphere’s single sign-on automatically discovers all VNX, EMC CLARiiON®, EMC Celerra®, and EMC RecoverPoint SE installations in the environment for seamless configuration.

The VNX series has been expressly designed to take advantage of the latest innovation in Flash drive technology, maximizing the storage system’s performance and efficiency while minimizing cost per gigabyte. When even a few Flash drives are combined with the EMC FAST Suite—an unrivaled set of software that tiers data across heterogeneous drives and boosts the most active data to cache—customers receive the optimal benefits of a FLASH 1st strategy.


FLASH 1st, available only through EMC, ensures customers never have to make concessions for cost or performance. Highly active data is served from up to two terabytes of Flash drives with FAST Cache, which dynamically absorbs unpredicted spikes in system workloads. As that data ages and becomes less active over time, FAST VP (Fully Automated Storage Tiering for Virtual Pools) tiers the data from high-performance to high-capacity drives in one-gigabyte increments, resulting in overall lower costs—regardless of application type or data age. Perhaps best of all, this all happens automatically based on customer-defined policies, saving application and storage administrators time and money by intelligently doing the work associated with pre- and post-provisioning tasks.


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• Unified storage for multi-protocol file,

   block, and object storage


 • Powerful new multi-core Intel CPUs

   with 6-Gb/s SAS backend


• Administration simplicity with EMC



• Flash-optimized with auto-tiering to

   ensure superior performance


• Easy storage provisioning from the #1

   provider* of storage for virtualized



• Affordable with real-world

   configurations starting at less than



*Source: Enterprise Strategy Group, ESG  Research: 2010 Server Virtualization Survey Results, August 2010

Use Storage Capacity More Efficiently - Automatically

The VNX series is delivered with built-in features to help ensure redundant, inactive, or anticipated data doesn’t consume valuable storage resources. Block compression, intended for relatively inactive LUNs such as backup copies and static data repositories, automatically compresses data, enabling customers to recapture capacity and reduce the data footprint by up to 50 percent. File-level deduplication/compression reduces disk space used by up to 50 percent by selectively compressing and deduplicating inactive files. Because these features operate as background tasks, there is minimal system performance overhead.


The Best Storage for Virtual Environments

The VNX series is the ideal mid-tier system for virtualized application environments. Whether the customer environment is VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, or Xen-based, VNX is fully certified for all supported protocols to ensure successful deployments of virtualized infrastructures through all phases of implementation.


No longer do storage and server administrators operate in the dark. The tight integration of Unisphere with VMware vCenter™ through VAAI (vStorage APIs for Array Integration) provides both administrators with visibility into the entire environment—end-to-end. Each can use their familiar management interface to view both virtual and physical resources, transparently provision storage, integrate replication, and access and offload all storage functions to the array.

• Provision storage from VMware

   vCenter in just two clicks.


• The EMC VNX Plug-in for VMware

   leverages best practices to ensure

   optimal utilization and resiliency

   between storage and VMware.


• On-demand VMDK compression

   for NFS Datastore reduces storage

   consumption by up to 50 percent.


• EMC Proven™ solutions and

   reference architectures, jointly

   developed with VMware,

   accelerate virtualization of

   mission-critical applications.


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The Industry's Most Extensive Storage Software Offerings

The VNX series software is available in two comprehensive packages to ensure customers have all of the necessary capabilities to protect and manage their information. The VNX Total Protection Pack includes replication capabilities, point-in-time recovery features such as snaps and clones combined with automated application copies for assured recovery, along with monitoring and alerting for compliance with protection policies. The VNX Total Efficiency Pack includes all of the protection features plus “set it and forget it” performance optimization.

All VNX software is managed through Unisphere. The VNX software is also available in modular suites:


• FAST Suite—Automatically optimize for the highest

   system performance and the lowest storage cost,



• Local Protection Suite—Practice safe data protection

   and repurposing


• Remote Protection Suite—Protect data against localized

   failures, outages, and disasters


• Application Protection Suite—Automate application

   copies and prove compliance

Features of Suites and Packs may vary depending on the system. See the EMC VNX Series Total Efficiency Pack data sheet for details. VNXe Series Software Packs deliver simplified data protection; see the EMC VNXe Series Software Packs data sheet for more information.

Continuous Availability to Keep your Business Up and Running

The VNX series is architected to provide five-nines availability

in mission-critical business environments. VNX availability

and redundancy features include:


• Up to 12.8 gigabytes of mirrored write cache, where each

   storage processor contains both primary cached data for its

   LUNs and a secondary copy of the cache for its peer storage



• Battery backup to allow for an orderly shutdown and cache

   de-staging to vault disks to ensure data protection in the

   event of a power failure


• RAID protection levels 0, 1, 1/0, 3, 5, and 6—all of which can

   co-exist in the same array simultaneously to match different

   protection requirements


• Proactive hot sparing enhances system robustness and delivers

   maximum reliability and availability


• Redundant data paths, power supplies, drive connections, and

   storage processors—all with non-disruptive field replacement



• Continuous system monitoring, call-home notification, and

   advanced remote diagnostics

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